miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012


Se hace público el informe anual de EUROPOL en el que se incluye el siguiente texto:

"The Galician pro-independence movement carried out 12 attacks in Galicia. Four attacks can be attributed with certainty to Resistencia Galega (RG), while the remaining eight were perpetrated by persons or small groups ideologically involved in the so-called radical pro-independence fight.
In October, RG published a communiqué on the Internet claiming responsibility for several attacks carried out against political parties, real estate and construction companies, banks, etc., and announced the continuation of its terrorist activities by increasing its armed attacks.
In November and December, a total of six RG members were arrested in Spain. After searching several houses, police seized home-made explosive devices. Allegedly, RG had planned coordinated attacks to be perpetrated on the anniversary of the approval of the Spanish Constitution."